Legacy Data Reporting System (LDRS)


As we understand there is a need of legacy data reporting solution for the purpose of generating customer account statement and office account statement in your bank for the period branches using ALPM and TBA application. The same is mandatory as per the regulatory requirements and handle the situations concerned with legal issues.

Our Legacy Data Reporting System (LDRS) is standalone software, the details of the same are as mentioned below:-

1. Converting ALPM & TBA old legacy data into new database and preparing the auto run CD for branches so as to quickly generate the statement of accounts for customer accounts & office accounts.
2. LDRS does not require any additional software to run.
3. LDRS does not require any dedicated PC or server, CD can be run in any windows based PC.
4. LDRS is compatible with any version of Microsoft Windows operating system.
5. You can run the CD which contains the software and data in multiple systems.
6. Any time you can take Customer Account Statement, Office Account Statement, and you can do transaction Inquiry for the purpose of Regulatory requirements, Customer queries and others needs.
7. LDRS is the best alternate for ALPM systems and TBA servers and thus savings the huge amount of AMC charges paid by the bank. If required, bank may utilize the TBA servers and systems for any other purpose.
8. There is no need for centralized software. We will provide additional software copy of LDRS for Regional Office (RO) and Head Office (HO).

Feature of Software
• Customer Account Statement – all type of customer accounts
• Search Account Number
• Account View
• Transaction Inquiry
• Cheque Inquiry
• Stop Cheque Inquiry
• Office Account Statement
• Stop Cheque Register
• Cheque Book Register
• A/c Open/Closed between dates

Loan Management System (LMS)


Our loan management system gives you a 360-degree view of all relationships and facilities under management. Calculations, workflows, financial analysis, electronic compliance and servicing all work together on a single platform. By eliminating the associated manual processes, rekeying of data, duplication of efforts, printing and mailing of documents, our loan management system reduces costs and brings inevitable efficiency. In today's transforming financial landscape, lenders are looking for modern, technologically superior loan management system that automates key processes. PSPL provides a robust Loan Product Suite for all types of loans & advances.

Feature of Software
• Compatibility – Be it any loan you can expect seamless operations and unmatched accuracy with the solution
• Personalized
• Multiple Disbursals – You can easily set the maximum outstanding balance with different loan products
• eKYC Process - It fastens the verification and keeps you aside of all the paper works that consumes more time.
• Custom Data Capture – You can set the solution to capture individual data elements for a better loan management
• Loan Re-schedule Functionality – The solution helps you change the loan payment schedule of active accounts.
• Many other Incredible and Advanced Features


Penta Document Management System (PDMS)


A document management system is an automated way of organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, tagging, approving, and completing tasks with your business files. Although most document management systems store data in the cloud, a DMS is much more than just cloud storage. Because advanced document management systems, handle the large amounts of paper flowing into your business for you, you can spend time on the work that you love. For example, someone with a large filing cabinet of papers can set up automation for the most common types of documents they handle and track the progress.

PDMS is a management solution that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents. PDMS is a document management software that integrates all essential document management, collaboration and an advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution. The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of various users, access control, user quota, level of document security, detailed logs of activity and automation setup. Penta document management software builds a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets to facilitate knowledge creation and improve business decision making, boosting workgroups and enterprise productivity through shared practices, greater, better customer relations, faster sales cycles, improved product time-to-market, and better-informed decision making.

With PDMS:
• Control your organisation content.
• Collect information from any digital source.
• Collaborate with colleagues on documents and projects.
• Empower organizations to capitalize on accumulated knowledge by locating documents, experts, and information sources.
• Enterprise content management features.
• Manage digital content.
• Manage documents.


Assest Management (SFFM)


Fix assets management system is the web based software that help to manage the Fixed Assets Purchased by your Organization. It provides accuracy to maintain the record of your fix asset. You can easily track the movement of you fix assets from one location to another location, it calculates depreciation on all the fixed assets for financial and tax reporting. System is providing two modules Head Office and Branch level also. The system provide you for complete tracking and recording all fixed assets and generates statutory, business and control related standard and dynamic reports.

Features are :-
• Maintain past and current value of assets as well as purchase date and supplier/vendor name.
• Tracking of particular/range asset history since its origin.
• Maintain the data for audit purpose.
• Assets depreciation for Balance-sheet purpose along with tax benefits.
• View facility for management on the tips of finger.
• MIS Report Generation along with standard reports from the system.

Transaction Entries :-
• Fixed Asset Transaction.
• Asset Entry.
• Asset modification/ deletetion.
• Asset Transfer Entry.
• Individual Asset Description.
• Bulk Asset description.
• Asset transfer Out Entry.
• Import and Export.

Master Entries :-
• Location Master.
• Asset main Code Master.
• Asset Group Code Master.


PENSYS - Pension Processing System


It is a robust system which can handle multi-organization unit's pensioners having variety of pension rules and schemes. Architecture of system can sustain future growth
Pension Processing software is a fully integrated, browser-based software system with comprehensive functionality for administering pension benefits. Our Pension Processing Software has helped public and private pension funds enhance service capabilities, lower operating costs, stave off technical obsolescence, and respond to complex, frequently changing business requirements. Supported by our underlying .NET software framework, PENSYS is a dynamic IT solution with unmatched flexibility to grow, adapt, and evolve.
Our software supports the entire process of pension administration: employers’ communications, the administration of all relevant participants and claims, the calculation of premiums, the amount of gross benefits, and the net payments. Thanks to the flexible architecture, you can easily configure product varieties, down to an individual level. Perhaps more importantly, you retain control over managing these product varieties. The software also provides support for all necessary communications with participants via personal and secure portals, whether online or not. This makes the participant the core focus, ensures business processes are more manageable, and reduces the time required to process changes.
Our Main Feature is Report Generation, Employee data record keeping , Employee KPI management, Beneficiary and related party tracking, Retirement details and notifications

Features are :-
• DASHBOARDS - Provide holistic, 360-degree views of members, employers, and organizations on a single screen
• GENERAL REPORTS - Generate more than 45 different reports to obtain a holistic perspective on the overall management of the agency and the pension fund in general.
• CONTACT MANAGEMENT- Our integrated contact management module consolidates information from multiple sources (e.g., document imaging, phone system, etc.) into a 360 degree view of the respective contact.


Sign Viewer


SignViewer is web Based Application, specializing manage hand written signature image. It will manage all signature maintenance activity like Import Signature, Add, Delete, Status Change, Authorize and secure view, within the organization.

Signature verification is the main challenge of all financial organization, especially Bank have as a daily operation. i.e. Demand Draft, Banker Cheque, Manifold, Invoice, and other legal document. Verification of hand written signature on above say’s document is important because these document is the part of payment procedure. Also authorization of Signature is required for passable auditing and control functions.

Digitization of Staff hand written Signature and integration in SignViewer Application reduce cost and error. Signature verification will be done online precisely and consistently.

Signature Viewer Application:-
Signature can be uploaded into the SignViewer database in two modes:
Batch Mode – Signature specimens are imported from a folder according to a predefined file name structure. The batch process will validate each user identifier, digitize each specimen, encrypt and store them into the database. After import another admin user verify imported signature. There is no need to create one by one Signature profile.
Single Mode – Admin user can upload a single a specimen signature through upload menu option. Signature profile will be created by Admin user.

• Remote user can view specimen signature through URL.
• A unique key or index no is assigned to each Specimen as per client policy.
• Financial documents and specimen Signature are store as JPG format.
• The system retrieves user profile from database according the unique ID.

• Image is store as binary encrypted form so no one can alter the signature.
• Minimum two users required for Addition and verification of Signature.
• At the time of Image Store in database date, time and user ID will be store in database for further or future investigation and reporting.
• In case of disciplinary action by management of any staff admin can modify status i.e. Active, Inactive. Status change date is also store in database and display on the time of view signature.

Advantage of SignViewer:-
• User Friendly.
• Minimize Risk, Fraudulent activity.
• Reduce the cost of Printing and Courier after new join or new officer.



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